NL-DSLR-2012 07 08  480  Cow Parsnip with, in the foreground, a Newfoundland "rabbit" (in reality a Snowshoe Hare) in its summer coat. For a better picture of the plant see next image. orangehawkweed  Orange Hawkweed Another very common, but unphotographed, plant - this image courtesy of NL-DSLR-2012 07 08  65  White Common Yarrow in the foreground see also DSCN3387  Yarrow - pink form  (Achillea millefolium - forma rosea) [photo by BC] Jun29toJul7-2012-©MStreet (443)  Cow Parsnip - note the sturdy reddish stems     [photo by MStreet] DSCN3353  Although these lupines were seen in verges, apparently wild, they are garden escapes; there is a wild lupine with blue flowers but the mix of colours among these plants suggests they are all "escapes"                          [photo by BC]