nearly June 2012

Monday 28 May after a warm weekend, a little cooler with some light showers around – perfect mozzie weather providing food for all the baby birds: over the weekend young grackles demanding with menaces from their harassed parents, today young starlings crashing around in the shrubs and a young robin dutifully bobbing along behind its parent digging for worms in the grass.

Last year’s garden diary shows that a lot of flowers are more than a week in advance of last year’s blooms.


May 2012

The first few days of the month were cool and wet but the weekend following was very pleasant with Chipping Sparrows arriving along with a flock of Ruby-crowned Kinglets which hung around for over a week.

Unfortunately the dreaded lily beetles also put in an appearance and by 10 May I reckon I had killed about 40.

Another resident made his presence known, by stalking about the garden, inspecting all the plants which caused me to dub “him” Inspector Crow. To start with I was amused by his behaviour but I was upset when he caught a frog (or maybe a toad) in the pond and proceeded to consume it on the lawn.

12 May lily beetle kill: 7

13 May lily beetle kill: 4

14 May                       3

16 May                       1