mid/late January 2013

The Flockette as I have taken to calling the three female cardinals who come to the feeders together, were present again over the weekend just past and have indeed made regular appearances for several weeks now. There are also two males and another female, possibly paired with one of the males, who are seen fairly regularly.

The two Carolina Wrens and Red-bellied Woodpecker are also still much in evidence.

Today, 21 January, we are in one of our cold snaps with daytime temperatures around minus 15°C, nightime lower than -20, forecast to last most of the week. I went out to clear snow so I could reach the bird feeders but found I did not need to because I only sank about 4″ into the frozen snow which is a lot deeper but packed and frozen hard.

January 2013

First day of New Year 2013: the two Carolina Wrens which had spent the previous week or so hanging round the feeders, especially the weekend 30/31 Dec, were notable by their absence which was worrying because the previous day had been cold and the night even colder. The flockette of cardinals is still around although not quite so many seen at once.

2 January Another cold start (-15) but no wind after more snow overnight. Both Carolina Wrens reappeared fairly early so maybe the cold wind yesterday had kept them hunkered down wherever they roost.