30 September

Apart from a damp weekend immediately following the last post, the weather has continued sunny and warm – beautiful days starting cool and often misty followed by warm sunshine. A terrific start to retirement!

What seems like another two (at least) red squirrel juveniles have appeared – smaller than the last batch and favouring the cedar at the opposite end of the roof. Can’t help wondering how many small holes there are up thereā€¦..

So warm and dry that we are having to start watering the garden again; spending time digging out buckthorn and maple saplings, plus general trimming back and tidying – not the usual chilly job but a pleasure to be working outdoors.

Kinglets passing through with lots of Yellow-rumped Warblers plus some other warbler species with Fox and White-throated Sparrows. Juncoes have arrived but not much in evidence yet.

20 September

Back from Kenauk just one week, past five days have been glorious – sunny and clear. Yesterday and today very warm in the afternoon, so lunches on the deck, probably not many more opportunities this year.

A couple of late Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in the garden this afternoon, taking nectar from the canna lilies. Dahlia Thomas Edison has two wonderful flowers on it at last – deep purple. All the other dahlias still blooming well.